"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark“



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Alice Jones Coaching provides an innovative, holistic and fresh approach to Career and student mentoring and coaching using a variety of techniques and approaches.

The Programme

My coaching sessions are practical and aimed at each individuals needs and goals. I use a variety of methods to fully explore self motivations, values and beliefs. This will enable each individual to fully identify what they are good at and how to use these skills to move them forward with their studies, career and life.

Career Development and Coaching for Students

Having worked with so many individuals from different walks of life, it became apparent that many clients who require career coaching (because they have reached a career crossroads/crisis) cited poor career guidance during school as a major contribution to this dilemma.

Furthermore, those that had received any career guidance at school described the provision as very basic and generic, with the careers officer listing possible careers and courses relating to the individuals strengths in particular subjects. No one spoke about being offered “coaching” which many believed would have prevented them from reaching a “career crossroads” or a dissatisfied working life. In fact, most of my clients commented “I wish I had done this ten, twenty or event thirty years ago!”

I believe that a different approach to career coaching students is required. This is based on the principals of an approach I use when coaching professionals, and is known as “The Intelligent Career Theory”. Basically, the fundamental basis of this theory is based upon the three ways of ‘knowing’, i.e. HOW we know (what motivates us), WHAT we know (our skills / skill barriers, bridges), and WHO we know (our networks).

So, what does this programme offer?

Working with a professionally trained coach, students will experience a powerful, personalised and detailed career-coaching programme, discovering their own true paths, without influence from others. Elements of the coaching will include:

  Self awareness—exploring individual strength, achievements, skills, passions, abilities, weaknesses, communications styles

  Personal branding and guidance on how to prepare for the future

  How to develop a personal career plan and how to use different research methods to seek out potential careers

  Advice and guidance on exploring a variety of careers and the art of networking and informational interviewing

  Confidence building and knowledge on how to articulate one’s own capabilities effectively

  Gain experience at both telephone and face to face interviews

  Learn how to write a powerful CV

At the end of the coaching, each student will have a clear understanding of what ‘career’ means today, what career path(s) they wish to persue, how to achieve this and a written and agreed plan.

Benefits for parents include:

  Independent, objective and qualified 3rd party intervention

Insight into how parents can support/help their children’s future

  Knowledge on the importance of managing ones own ‘intelligent career’

  Their child is able to find and persue their own directions and passions

  Increases chances of their son/daughter achieving financial independence and personal career satisfaction

How is the programme delivered

  Face to face sessions lasting a maximum of 1.5 hours each

  Total of 8-10 sessions depending on students needs

  Personal career development folder supplied to each student, individualised for each person, including ‘career and self exploration excercises’

  Reports for students after each session

  Ongoing career and study mentoring and support during the programme, enabling successful transition to further education and/or employment

For more information, please contact Alice on 07775568561 or email her at alice.jones@me.com.

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